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Newcomer’s Talk, April 26, 2018 , by Susan W. Smith, Editor,

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Paul Malo: (Author’s list – Paul)

Ian Coristine: (Author’s list - Ian)

To see more of Ian Coristine’s work be sure to visit his website:

Lost Villages, Another Perspective:

Kim Lunman: (Author’s list – Kim)

Kim’s 2018 issue of Island Life will be published in May, 2018. See here to view all past issues.

­Photography (Category List)

Be sure to view some of the Happenings articles. These are “From the Editor” and apart from giving details about certainly “Happenings” of the month – there are always a number of lovely photographs to enjoy.

Photo Contest: See Back issues and go to each December starting in 2013. You will see the articles clearly marked. This past year, 2017, we have many Honorable Mentions for a separate article… thanks goodness this editor had nothing to do with choosing the winners – a tough job, for sure.


Martin Zonnenberg’s Hobby

Photography by Joseph T. Melrose IV

Nature Photography by Bill Munro

Steroviews – New Book Features River History in 3-D

Kathi and Dennis McCarthy’s Discoveries

Chris Murray Photography

Patty Mondore

Andy King’s Photography

Lillian Colledge River Gift

Martin Zonnenberg’s Hobby

John Street’s Photography


There are 91 articles featuring artists. Click the category Artists and you will see the long list. Poke about!


Michael Leprade (Author’s List – Michael)

Accidents and Incidents

Dan Denney (Author’s list – Dan)

Mary Politis (Author’s list – Mary)

Brockville’s Aquatarium

We published two issues in May 2016 – Early in the month we celebrated the opening of Brockville’s Aquatarium. Be sure to look at the Back issues: May 2016 and you will recognize the special articles written to celebrate the Aquatarium opening.

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