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Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch

At TI Life we are interested in what goes on - on the River, above the River (Aerial photography) and Below (Scuba diving) ... Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch have two new books published. Both are important works for those interested in the St. Lawrence River of the past.


Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands

About the Book: Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch, scuba divers for over 40 years, are announcing a new reference book.

The Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands is a book that documents the lost fleet of ships that lay on the bottom of the St. Lawrence River.  They are casualties of war conflict, natural disasters and human error.  The ships are presented with period photos from Corbins River Heritage, Thousand Islands Museum and private collections as well as period newspaper accounts.  Site descriptions, underwater photos, side scan images and GPS coordinates provide a view of how the wrecks look today.  A great reference book for the scuba diver, fisherman or Thousand Islands enthusiast.
ISBN 978-0-9844250-0-6

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US Price - $24.95


Thousand Islands’ Lost Fleet

By Dennis McCarthy and Skip Couch

This 20-page color booklet details the Fleet of Lost Ships resting under the waters of the Thousand Islands, casualties of War and Conflict, Natural disasters and Human error. The American Narrow of the St. Lawrence River is from Rock Island Light House near the head of Wellesley Island to Alexandria Bay. This section of the river is very fast moving with whirlpools and currents. In places, the River is over 200 feet deep.  With heavy boat traffic and dangerous shoals, this may be the most dangerous section of the St. Lawrence Seaway and River. Interesting reading and pictures for scuba divers and river enthusiasts.


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