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TI Life in December

A year in the life of TI Life :  the December 2008 issue was our first with the new look and here we are 127 articles later!

How do we pay tribute to our authors for their thousands of words and to Ian Coristine, and many others, for their wonderful photographs?  First we thank Paul Malo who created TI Life in 2006 as a way of building pride in the region - thus helping us to preserve our Thousand Islands way of life.  Then we add Ian's photo of a ship passing under the Thousand Islands Bridge.  Stir it all up in the computer and PRESTO - we have 127 articles from 2009.  Last, but not least, we thank you, our readers and supporters.

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Thank you… Ian, and David O’Malley, who captured the quality in design that we use each month… Mike Cox, who keeps the magic going behind the site… to our Kingston editor and of course to all authors who provide interesting content…

Season’s Greetings to all authors and to all our TI Life subscribers and our many readers.

Susan W. Smith, Editor

New contributors

Andrew B. King  - Photographs by Andy King

Andrew King spends the summer on Black Duck Island, Admiralty Islands and winters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During college Andy traded in his Nikon and upgraded to a Pentax 6x7 medium format camera (6x7cm). He has been shooting medium format ever since (nearly 30 years). In addition to capturing landscapes of the Thousand Islands, Andy visits national parks in the US and Canada every year, hiking with his photo equipment. Andy resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is President of  a web site optimization firm. He is the author of two books, including Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets from O'Reilly.

Jan Eliot  - AUDIO presentation of Tremont Island History Comes Alive

Jan Eliot, Also known as Janet S. Smith Staples, spends as much time as possible on Sagastaweka Island.  However the rest of the year she lives in Pembroke, New Hampshire with her husband Jeff Staples and son, Eliot.  Jan is a voice-over talent, whose work is heard on various mediums, including daily ski reports on radio stations across the United States.  In November we asked if she would “read” for TI Life.  We hope to provide more audio and video in the future. 

November 2009:  The Great Gale of ‘75, written by Brian Johnson
December 2009:  Tremont Island History Comes Alive


“A River Ran Through Him”

by Kim Lunman

Captain Everett Snider, the last survivor of the 1930 J.B. King drill boat disaster, has died. He was 98.

Snider, who survived the deadly disaster that killed 30 men including 17 men who were never recovered from the St. Lawrence River, died in hospital in Brockville Dec. 3.

Lightning struck the J.B. King June 26 1930 near Brockville near Cockburn Island. Snider went on to spend his life as a river pilot on the St. Lawrence River, leading tours for Snider Boat Line, founded by his father.

In his later years, he remained passionate about the Thousand Islands, presenting slide shows on the River. He was featured in a documentary about the J.B. King released last year called H20 Secrets of the J.B. King.

Said filmmaker Nathalie Lasselin: "You couldn't portray his life without the River. He's part of the River and the River is part of him."

Film Pays Tribute to the Wreck of the J.B. King ,May 2009, Thousand Islands Life


Readers’ Exchange

Last month’s article John Carter’s Prisoners in Van Diemen’s Land received several comments, well worth reading.  This one is from Santa Rosa California, but the majority came from  Australia from town or cities of Perth, Hobart, Bathwell, Taroona, Swansea and Taree.  Please let us know if you have any additional information to share on the subject of prisoners who were sent to Van Diemen’s Land.   

Comment by: Norm Howard (Santa Rosa,CA USA )
Left at: 10:02 AM Tuesday, November 24, 2009

“We met John Carter in Hobart,Tasmania last March during a visit there to research our great-grandfather, Linus Miller, an American, who was one of North American patriots imprisoned in Van Dieman's Land. When we were kids we were told the story, so curiosity finally brought us to Tasmania, where we had the good luck to meet John and benefit from his research. The story has a universal attraction because of its themes about justice, the British prisoner transportation system, and the attempt to export the ideals of the American revolution to Canada. It provides great material for a historical documentary or historical fiction. I am looking for anyone else who has ancestors who were participated in the the 1837-45 patriot adventure.. Norm Howard,”


Important Note:

Please check out the many other sections in TI LifeEvents, Publications, Properties and History.  If you have important information to share, contact us at

By Susan W. Smith, Editor.

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Brian Johnson
Comment by: Brian Johnson ( )
Left at: 8:08 AM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Hi Susie
I just want to take this opportunity to thank YOU, Kim Lunman, Ian Coristine and of course, Jan Eliot for making this a great year for me!
I am truly honoured to have my humble stories included among the GREATEST WRITERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS the Thousand Islands have ever known!
I do remember 'running alongside' Captain Everett and Charlie Snider as they ran the Miss Brockville VI and VII repectively passing me in the 'ol Miss Rockport II back in the early 70's! Great 'ol fellas!
I only wish I could have met Paul Malo!
Again, THANKS! Everyone
Brian Johnson
And Merry Christmas!
Comment by: lori ( )
Left at: 12:26 PM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Thank You to all who make this online magazine possible..its especially wonderful to recieve it during the cold and gloomy days of winter when I am far from my favorite spot on the planet,,,The River.! Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year to you all..
Lori Moose
Canandaigua/T.I.P., NY
Rob Russell
Comment by: Rob Russell ( )
Left at: 3:17 PM Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I am a frequent reader of your magazine and want to thank you for your efforts.

Each month I wait expectantly for the next edition. I am never disappointed.

Over the years, I have found it is the people who love what they do that make all the difference. T.I. Life is truly a labor of love.

Thank you,

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