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High Water 2017, Property, Belongings and the Economy

“We can live with the inconvenience,” says Doug Tulloch, “and humor of sunken docks, inaccessible bathhouses and difficulty in finding gas, but my heart goes out to those businesses affected and their employees who are not able to go back to their seasonable jobs.

When we posted the first high water alerts this spring 2017  with photographs on TI Life’s Facebook page, we had comments suggesting the problem was the newly approved US and Canadian Plan 2014.  But, most readers realized that as not the case and calmed down. USArmySve the river

For the first few days the high water was just unusual – photos posted showed interesting sights of Town benches sitting on seaways, well under water. But interest soon changes to concern.

In our region, it is the economy that has already been hit – hard. Boldt Castle was late in opening with their docks underwater.

While everybody talks about their property and the damage and the inconvenience,” Doug Tulloch said, “what strikes me the most, is what this is doing  with the economy of our River communities.  You cannot make up for lost opportunity. And the opportunity to make money from early spring to late fall, is what the tourist season is all about.

Boldt Castle May 2017 vs September 2016 from Horizon Aerial Media Services on Vimeo.

For those living on the Ottawa River, near Ottawa ON, or downriver on what is colloquially called, the Back River, (Pierrefonds, QC) it was devastating. Over 1,500 homes have been flooded or destroyed.  At the same time the south side of Lake Ontario was in the same disaster zone.

And Toronto, Canada's largest city, had one of its major highways, The Don Valley Expressway, closed with photograph showing the highway buried under water.

Today, May 11, the Ottawa River crested and has started to recede.  But the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario are still high and/or rising.

We don’t know when it will end, but we can say friends and neighbors will be coping and talking about this year’s spring for years to come.

Democrat April

Rochester, NY, “Democrat & Chronicle” News Report

NCPR News Report

We thank Doug Tulloch for compiling a number photographs showing five days.  May 7 – May 11, 2017.  (Click to enlarge photographs)

May 11, 2017

Wed 5/10 was our first perfect day all year. From 5:07 AM headed out until 8:39 PM coming home the River delivered. Sunrise, moonset, sunset, moonrise and everything in between. Frost in the am and 60 in the late day. Flat water all day. Perfection. here's a sampling of a day in the life of a River Rat...

Doug Tulloch, Facebook
18425204_10208466326998293_7084305046096629860_n May 11
Big enough Mya 7 Tulloch flood 1
Moon May 10 May 10

A little yesterday and today. Pray for the water to recede. The sun still rises and the moon still sets and the castle still stands solid. everything else is kind of a wet mess now though. And boating is on hold for 98% of people.

Doug Tulloch, Facebook

May 10

We are up 2 & 1/4" since last night. I have a dead calm measuring spot.

Doug Tulloch, Facebook


Boldt Castle may 10
flood 4


flood 5

May 9, 2017

A quick trip over to Camp let Heather see her boat house with 10 inches of water on top of the dock. Now there is a swim up bar. The log we pulled out and put on the dock only had about 4 inches of the skinniest part showing above the surface. The dangers that lurk beneath the water this year!!!. Be careful if you're out there in a boat.

Doug Tulloch, Facebook

Flood 6 18424252_10208454757989075_5297145837473541908_n
May 8th

Temperature droping. “Let’s try this again before the snow starts.

One heck of a morning out there.  Please don’t let the River come up another 8” today as predicted.
Flod 8
May 8 Bonnie Castle May 8 Gas dock
May 7 doug t May 7, 2017

Headed out. Hoping the skies will cooperate for 15 minutes.  Apparently they won’t.

Here's the Boldt Castle docks, the Village docks, a couple of houses. Looks like the power was shut off at the Power House around 7:53?
May 7 2 May 7 A Bay
May 7 Boldt Castle May 7 castle 2

By Susan W. Smith and Doug Tulloch

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Jim Webster
Comment by: Jim Webster
Left at: 4:52 AM Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Thanks for the great article and the wonderful pictures
Eve Despard
Comment by: Eve Despard
Left at: 1:39 PM Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Fabulously done!!!
Guy Zoller
Comment by: Guy Zoller
Left at: 9:44 AM Sunday, June 11, 2017
Thank you for posting the images of the high water situation. I am currently awaiting the time when my dock is once again above the water level, and anxiously plan for that as my date of departure to my beloved river. Periodic updates would be greatly appreciated to that end!

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