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July 2014 Volume 9 Issue 7


TI Life Happenings in July ‘14

TI Life Happenings in July ‘14

Check out our July Happenings… Independence fireworks, beautiful photographs and our US Donate Button is now working! Also take advice from a pro - "Click on articles that may not seem as interesting - you will be surprised."
by: Susan W. Smith


When you live on an island, boats are important. When I first came to the island in 1975, my in-laws had one motorboat, ...
by: Lynn E. McElfresh
Riverstone: A River Runs Through It

Riverstone: A River Runs Through It

One of North America's premier developers renowned for his luxury custom design is revitalizing Gananoque's waterfront w...
by: Kim Lunman
A Pilot’s Story

A Pilot’s Story

Do you remember the Great Canadian Flag Debate of 1964? When our country’s Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prizewinner Leste...
by: Brian Johnson
New River Museum Floats Its First Boat

New River Museum Floats Its First Boat

The launch of a St. Lawrence skiff has fittingly marked the launch of the first phase of the new Thousand Islands Boat M...
by: Kim Lunman
Flyboarding Takes Off Over The Thousand Islands

Flyboarding Takes Off Over The Thousand Islands

Sitting with All In Adventures co-owner Kevin Thorn near the water’s edge at Bonnie Castle’s Pointe Bar & Grill in A...
by: Hayley Coristine
Our First Year in the 1000 Islands Tower!

Our First Year in the 1000 Islands Tower!

1000 Islands Tower – (recent) past, present and future 2013 was a great first season. There was so much media coverage ...
by: Konrad Linckh
Tracing a King’s Man on the St. Lawrence

Tracing a King’s Man on the St. Lawrence

It must have been an arduous journey for my 5th. great-grandfather, Jacob Karn travelling from the Palatinate region of ...
by: Arthur Pegg UE
Restoring the Common Tern in the Islands

Restoring the Common Tern in the Islands

The peep- peep –peep call of the Common Tern is a ubiquitous part of the sound of the 1000 Islands. Once a very plent...
by: John Peach
Remembering Fallen Police Officers

Remembering Fallen Police Officers

All too often we pass over or under a highway bridge with a tribute name displayed on a sign.  We rarely stop to th...
by: Susan W. Smith
1000 Islands Haiku

1000 Islands Haiku

  A Short Haiku Primer: Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry popularized by Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694), ...
by: Ronald Hammond
A Dog’s Life on Comfort Island

A Dog’s Life on Comfort Island

Surely there are enough 1000 Islands dog stories to fill a dozen books. Few places on earth are better suited to the end...
by: Tad Clark
Health Habits start early…

Health Habits start early…

This is my first summer interning with the Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT), but for years I have periodically spent m...
by: Kelly Kearns
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